Sunday, 16 January 2011

Central London Bus Map

Central London Bus Map

Above is the Central London Bus Map, the map that have been really helpful during several times our stay in London. From here we learn to plan and decide which bus to hop on to and where should we change. It might seem a little bit messy, but it has saved our time and money time and time again. That is why we are sticking the whole bus route up there, in case any of our blog reader wanted to use the map. (These map can be obtain free at any bus and/or tube station in London).

Oyster Card London

Another thing that has saved a lot of our time and money during our stays in London is the Oyster Prepaid Card. This card is to be used as a prepaid card before coming into any buses or tubes that displays the 'Oyster' logo. Buy the card for £3, and topup from as minimal as £5 from the ticket counter. There are also a lot of topup kiosk available in train and tube stations across London. Oyster card is a great way to travel... but sometimes I wonder, can I claim back the unspent monies inside the card if we want to go back home???


Annabel said...

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azrul said...

Thanks there... we surely hope that this simple guide helps.

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